[UV & Bug Zapper]: 360 ° safe distant ultraviolet (UVC wavelength: 365-400nm) lamp attracts mosquitoes and insects within 20m², built-in high voltage board delivers continuous high voltage current of 800V-1000V It can be released and can effectively kill mosquitoes and insects.

[Quiet and easy to clean]: The light is gentle on the eyes, so there is no unpleasant electric shock that does not interfere with sleep. When cleaning dead insects, you can remove the saucer at the bottom and wash it easily with water. Note: Dry the water before reattaching.

[Indoor & outdoor dual-purpose type] Since it supports both hanging and stationary, it is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, front doors, bedrooms, hospitals, restaurants, balconies, outdoor tents, etc. It is harmless, odorless, human-friendly, and can be used in various places!

[Safety Insulation Material] It is a harmless mosquito trap that does not use any harmful substances to humans, is radiation-free, has high safety, and does not pollute the air in the room at the same time as mosquito repellent.

* Dimensions: 25 * 12cm (Approx.)
* Mute killing, peaceful sleep.
* Cable length:86cm/33.86
* Automatically destroys insects, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bugs and more
* Effective Range: 20-50 m2
* Material: ABS
* Chemical Free and hypoallergenic
* Power:3W
* Physical killing, pollution-free, odor-free.
* Plug Type: US plug(Voltage:110V)
* Application: bedroom, parlor, restaurant, hotel, office, reading room, chicken farm, etc.
* Effective range of mosquito-killing about 20-50 square meters

 - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm