1- With these special gloves for peeling potatoes, you will quickly and easily clean vegetables, without damaging the skin of your hands and making it dry and rough.

2- Potato peeling gloves are specially designed rubber gloves that have protrusions of the same material and which, so embossed, remove the surface layer when peeling potatoes.

3- You won't need more than 8 seconds to peel one potato, and with gloves, you will only remove those parts that are superfluous instead of throwing away half of the potatoes. Your hands will stay dry, and clean, without traces of peeling and cuts.

4- These special gloves are initially made for peeling potatoes, but they can be used to peel various other vegetables very quickly and easily, as well as clean fish scales.

5- They are waterproof and do NOT fall off your hands when peeling vegetables.
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm