-Double duct and double motor design improve the exhaust speed effectively.

-Solar and battery switch control, can control the solar battery used separately.

-Solar recharge display, two motors controlled by one switch.

-Built-in high-capacity rechargeable batteries, keep the motor smooth.

-Temperature display, the temperature change inside the car can be observed directly.

-Outer solar panel, multi-angle adjustable, can effectively absorb sunlight.

-Sustainable use on rainy days, can eliminate harmful materials such as smoke inside the car.

-Simple installation and strong practicability

-In the case of not using the battery, but also directly relying on solar energy to absorb sunlight to convert into electricity, so that the fan operation

Material: ABS
Size: 16.6(L) x 7.2(W) x10.2 (H) cm
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm