Car Parking lock is the perfect security system that is simple and easy to use. This system is operated by a remote control system that automatically alerts as soon as the designated parking space has been tampered with. The security alarm assures you that no one will be able to access your parking space. It is an effective security system that enables you to maintain your privacy

- Practical car parking lock
- Anti-collision structure, round shape, beautiful appearance, easy to control
- Self-locking system
- Effective resistance to pressure and rain
- Effective protection against theft
- Remote-controlled security device installed in parking spaces
- Practical to protect and secure a place for your car in the parking area
- The latest solution for car owners to solve the problem of the safety of their cars
- Indicator for lack of energy
- Possibility to reset after each alert

Up & down duration < 3 seconds
Rising height: 550 mm
Down height: 70 mm
Effective distance < 50 meters
Size: 610*450*70 mm

 - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm