1. Multifunctional household measuring and seasoning tank, quantitatively producing salt. The fully sealed design can effectively prevent the seasoning from getting wet, and there is no need to worry about spilling the seasoning and dirtying the table
2. High-quality materials, meticulous workmanship, round, no burrs and no barbs, safer and healthier to use
3. 2 grams at a time, the salt is quantified by pressing, and the amount is about 2g per pressing, and the amount of salt is well controlled
4. Three discharge methods, quantitative pressing, fine mouth discharge, coarse mouth discharge, a new experience of three discharge methods
5. Large-caliber, large-caliber tank mouth, can easily add seasoning, large capacity, can hold 380g salt

Material: plastic
​Color: picture color
Weight: 0.1kg
Two packs: 0.2kg
Size: 11.5*6*6cm
  - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm