Bullet Points:
1- Portable Outdoor Sink: Multipurpose cleaning station features large pedestal sink & water tank for backyard parties, picnics, BBQs, events, camping, worksite, hiking, hunting & other recreational activities.

2- Convenient Hands-free Operation: Innovative foot pump manually shoots 180ml fresh water through faucet for better hygiene, cleanliness & Eco-friendly conservation.

3- Durable Food Safe Construction: High-density material stands up to weather & long-term use; Includes built-in handle, easy-assemble wheels, metal fixtures & flexible drainage hose.

4- Maximum Cleaning Capacity: Used water can be recycled for the eco-friendly minded. Safe for washing hands, foods or even drinking. Versatile basin holds up to a gallon of water for washing hands, soaking clothes, cleaning dishes, rinsing tools & much more.
Portable and removable to meet the needs of washing hands anytime, anywhere.

The clean water tank capacity is 17L, the hand sanitizer capacity is 3L, and the foot pump capacity is 220ML.

The clean water is stored from the base, and the structure is stable.

Pedal pump water, simple and free.

Easy to move, water-saving, environmental protection, health, and sanitation.

Resistant to impact and drop, easy to disassemble and assemble.

The 17L clean water tank can be used for more than 75 times when it is filled once, which is water-saving and environmentally friendly.

Hand washing water can be recycled according to the situation.

Name: Portable Hand Wash Basin
Material: HDPE food-grade material
  - Delivery on the next day of the order