Large rotary cutter head, high sharpness, quick hair shaving

With a terry loop, it is easy to provoke all kinds of hairballs and quickly shave

Specially equipped with a large-scale storage device, it will not make the shavings scattered around

Stainless steel knife, and alloy razor will never rust.

The position of the fabric pattern ---- slide in the direction of the pattern;

Fast pruning method ---- slide the body slightly on the clothing;
Protrusion-embellished clothing----Raised over protruding parts when sliding;

Remove stubborn hairballs -- vertical and parallel lines of clothing slippage;

Thin clothes--stacked in double layers and trimmed on the ironing board.

1. Push the key upwards to trim the fabric. After trimming, open the storage cover on the handle and remove the removed hair bulb.

2. The cutter head can be rotated and disassembled. In order to prevent sundries, it can be blown with a gentle wind. In addition, a small comb can be added to clean the fabric after trimming the hair bulb.

3. Turn on the switch and you can shave it. When you shave it, lay it on the countertop. Put the cover gently on the clothes and move it back and forth. Pay attention to the tying point of the yarn so as not to damage it. Terry rings are better.

4. Please clean the knife holder, net cover, and memory in time after shaving.

1. Never use it for shaving beards.
2, the handheld machine should not be too stressed, so that the mesh can be close to the use of things.
3, shaved dust is completed, please clean up the knife, mesh cover and storage.
4. Avoid using it for sweaters that are being worn.
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm