Mini Washing Machine: The underwear washing machine has a fully automatic cleaning function that cleans clothes without any residue or irritation, and reduces the amount of laundry in small apartments, villas or campsites

Practical underwear washing machine: After folding only 4.1 inches (10.5 cm) thickness, it saves space and is very suitable for travel and travel. Suitable for dorms, apartments, business trips, travel, and so on

Multi-functional: Machine portable laundry can not only wash all kinds of clothes, laundry, clothing, towels, underwear, socks, T-shirts, toys, and other small items but also high-quality clothes

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Ideal for places where space is limited, this item is suitable for camping, caravans, dorm apartments, college rooms, student flats, small accommodations and other compact environments. Needed..

EASY TO USE: Considering the application environment of your clothing, you can simulate rubbing and laundry, without the need for light clothes that require lightweight washing, without watering out water, without washing light laundry. Super Wave Shock

- Delivery on the next day of the order