Save any good time with only a few seconds, use your camera on travel, and any other time to take pictures of your moments, with an instant print, you can take and have your picture at the same time.

Porodo Kids Camera is a sleek, fun, and stylish camera capable of instant photoshoots and prints. This camera is equipped with front and rear cameras. The packaging is included crayons, stickers, and thermal papers to simplify the modification efforts of your children on the captured real-time photos. In addition, 24 months warranty and efficient post-sales services make it easy to experience an innovative toy for your kids.

Beyond just a toy: This kids camera is not just funny kids toy but also a primary step to the world of creativity. It helps to nourish the imagination of your younger ones. The instant printing feature allows them to take the printouts in real time and use their creativity on the actual pictures. The porodo kids camera can be a valuable asset to improve your children's creativity during their childhood itself.

Display and resolution: this camera is equipped with 2 inch HD screen and 1080P resolution. The display will enable you to see exactly what he sees in front of him. Using the crayons, the students can illustrate and modify the captured images as per their creativity. In addition, you can add a memory card up to 32 GB to save the pictures for future reference.

Battery-powered: Porodo kids camera is powered by a rechargeable battery of 1000mAh. This capacity will help you use the camera for up to 4 hours on a single charge. Usually, it will take around 150 minutes to charge the devices from zero to 100%. This battery will help your children capture all the essential and attractive shots outside the home. Later, once they reach home, they can edit and modify the captured images according to their imagination.

Elegant design: porodo exclusively designed this product for children; therefore, it's easy to carry and handle. This camera provides a fantastic photo shooting experience for your children during outdoor trips and family adventures. The item weighs around 350 grams, and the product dimension is 9*6*11.8cm.

Built-in Selfie Camera
Instant Printing
Elegant Design
Burst Mode
Rechargeable Battery

Display: 2"HD Screen
Resolution : 1080P
Battery: 1000mAh
Battery Life: up to 4 hours
Memory: up to 32 GB (not included)
Dimension: 9*6*11.8 cm
Weight: 350g
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm