Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer
Your Ultimate Professional Painting Machine

Features :
Paint Zoom is a systematic device for painting or painting large surfaces, in particular, such as fences, furniture, benches, and interior or exterior walls.

With minimal effort and in a very short time, you can cover very large surfaces.

Due to the container in which the paint is kept, the paint losses will be very low, so you also save money and the time you previously lost cleaning up the mess caused by the rest of the old utensils.

Being a multifunctional device, Paint Zoom is suitable for any kind of paint or varnish.

There are three settings available: vertical, horizontal, circular

-The amount of paint can be accurately dosed -It can be painted with varnish or paint -Suitable for both interior and exterior -Works on rough, uneven, or curved surfaces -Paint brick, cement, stucco, wood, or glass

FAST, EASY, POWERFUL, NO MESS and SAVES TIME & MONEY! Now you can paint like a pro, without brushes, and the mess of paint trays while getting the best coverage quickly and easily.

Specifications :
- The power supply is made from the 220V mains.
- Tank capacity: 800ml
- Hose length: 1.5m
- Motor power: 650W
- Delivery on the next day of the order