A good helper when driving a car, portable style new life, the clip adopts the creativity from nature-crab claws

Made of ABS material, the bionic engineering design can be rotated 900°

Easy to use, simple to operate, free to switch between horizontal and vertical, free to change the shape, do not look down at the navigation, the field of vision does not leave the road, convenient and safe

Wide range of use, large clamping distance of crab claws, free control of large opening and closing, multi-scene applications, rearview mirrors, seats, desktops, and treadmills can be easily clamped

The phone holder is equipped with a strong spring, which can be used in a variety of screen sizes, and the mobile phone is not easy to fall off

Press the unlock button lightly, the bracket will be extended instantly, with one-button expansion and contraction, easy operation

 - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm