The square night light has a soft light, which can guide and illuminate in the vast darkness, and at the same time has the function of one light for multiple purposes.

The shape of the night light is ever-changing. At the same time, the night light is simple in appearance, full of artistic sense, and has the function of decoration and embellishment.

The Rubiks Cube night light has 3 modes, 1 block is low light, 1 block is bright, 1 block is shiny, built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery, safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.

Name: Square flip night light
Mode: 3-speed mode, low light, high light, flashing
Color: black + white
Color box specification: 12.5 * 12.5 * 12.3
Material: PP
Power supply: built-in lithium battery
Single product weight: 333
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm