Product Name: Projector
Output: 3.5mm headphone
Voltage: AC110- -240V
Built-in Traditional: YouTube+NETFLIX+Play Store
Technology: Monolithic LCD technology
Body size (cm): 11x13.8x5.8 cm
Screen ratio: 4:3 16:9
Resolution (dpi): 1920x720pdpi
Color classification: The same screen version [can be connected to various mobile phones] Android version [4k+wifi Internet access mobile phone with the same screen] recommended
Zoom factor: fixed focus
Contrast: 1000:1
Brightness: 10800 lumens
Applicable scenarios: home travel smart home theater mobile portable

No need for third-party screen projection software, and no longer worry about complicated operations, one-button connection to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, large screenplay
Mobile games, viewing photos, and office document display are easily done.

The fuselage is equipped with 1 HDMI 2.0 output interface, 1 USB2.0 interface, 1 headphone audio output interface, supports 1080P screen playback, can fully match hard disk, display screen, speakers, headphones, etc., to meet diversified entertainment needs
Note: HDMI port can only output, not input

Bulb Type: LED bulb cast
Screen size: 30~120 inches
The best throwing distance: 1-2 meters
Keystone correction range: ±40 degrees
Number of supported colors: 1.07 billion colors
Bulb power: 35W
Lamp life: 30000 hours
Scaling ratio: 1.2:1
Whether it can be hoisted: yes
Display Technology: LCD
Keystone Correction: Vertical Four-Point Correction Pincushion Correction
Video effect: default 2D (can support red and blue 3D)

*Smoother movie viewing experience*
MEMC millisecond compensation
The dynamic picture is smooth and not stuck
Improve picture refresh rate through intelligent frame insertion compensation technology
Solved the smear kernel jitter generated in high dynamic images
Greatly improve motion clarity and fluency

*Keystone Correction*
Correction comes from "core"
iChips keystone correction chip
side projection

*Dual stereo HIFI sound quality*
Dual stereo HIFI speakers
Projection that can make the ear pregnant
Equipped with dual stereo HIFI speakers to create a high-quality full sound field
Every time the plane flies by, it roars majestically,
Every raindrop is articulate, every note has its own tension

*Rich interfaces are compatible with various entertainment*
Rich expansion interface, support KTV equipment, 4K picture transmission, audio equipment and other one-click connection to display mobile phone screen and unlock more entertainment methods

★STUDIO SPUND audio processing

★Dynamic Bass Boost

★360 surround sound

★Dual stereo HIFI audio

*Voice control*
easy to use
Simple enough for the elderly and children to use

*diffuse imaging*
Thousands of rays of light, the first for eye protection
Using the original LED light source of the German century-old lighting company OSRAM
Weakening harsh blue light, soft color temperature, more eye protection after diffuse reflection

*Performance innovation*
Improved fluency and storage space
Large storage, a variety of software running at the same time can also be smooth and free to say goodbye to system lag.

*Global cooling, longer life and lower noise*
Adopt graphene radiation conduction technology and intelligent global cooling system
Dynamically reduce fan speed based on power consumption
To achieve mute effect; efficient global cooling
It can effectively guarantee the performance and prolong the service life of the product

*Short distance projection to large space*
The short-focus throw ratio is about 3 meters away from the wall
Can project a 100-inch large screen
With a 1.2:1 golden throw ratio configuration, a short distance
100-inch large screen, moderate distance, suitable for a variety of environments
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm