Magic Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door fits single doors, sliding doors, RV doors, and more to let fresh air in and keep bugs out. Simply align the magnets and attach the screen door cover to your door frame with the included adhesive strips. Now you have a screened entryway you can travel through with full hands. You no longer have to open and close the door for your pet, or worry that your child will forget to close the door behind them. This mesh has your back. The Magic Mesh stays up all season and then folds up easily for storage.

- A hands-free screen door opens as you walk through, then automatically closes behind you

- This mesh has 18 strong magnets; keep closed when not in use
Magic mesh is easy to fix, no tools necessary

- Use this mesh for a constant flow of air without worrying about bugs

2 x Mesh Panels (83″ x 19.5″)
Size: Width 49.53cm x 210.82cm Height
12 x Hook and Loop Strips
6 x Wood Tacks

 - Delivery on the next day of the order