Mood Magic Candle is an amazing new continuous color-changing candle. Designed in 2 stylish base colors, these atmospheric candles are made from real wax and use LED technology to cast a multitude of changing colors of light onto the body of the candle. Simply light the wick to activate Mood Magic's soothing glow, then sit back and let the cycle of 6 comforting colors relax your body and mind. The fusion of colors and flickering flames will add ambiance to any occasion, and make the perfect gift for someone special. Bring the soothing glow of real candlelight into your home with Mood Magic Candles.

- Made from real wax for a classic candle look.

- Just light the wick to activate Mood Magic's continuous cycle of comforting colors.

- Magical 6-color light sequence - red, blue, yellow, purple & green.

- LED technology emits a display of continuously changing colours in the body of the candle.

- The LED is immediately activated when the wick is lit and deactivates immediately after the wick is extinguished.

-The fusion of colors and the flickering flame brings ambiance to any occasion.

- Use them as a stunning decorative set or bring a relaxing glow to a cozy night in.
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm