Hoco GM11 Terrific glowing, gaming keyboard and mouse set, USB connection, LED tri-color rainbow light, designed for games, ergonomic design, fast response

1. Keyboard: light guide film keyboard. Main body material: ABS.
2. Connection method: wired USB, PVC wire, length 1.5m.
3. Sizes: 435*132*30mm. Weight: about 420g.
4. Keys: 104 keys, UV keycaps, service life is about 8 million times.
5. Light: LED tri-color rainbow light.
6. Mouse. Material: ABS + PVC wire,1.4m cable length.
7. Sizes: 125*60*40mm. Weight: 70g.
8. Service life: about 3 million times.
9. DPI: 1000.
10. Light: LED colorful breathing light.
11. Applicable for PC, PS4, etc.
12. Compatible with most mainstream systems.
13. Specially designed for games, ergonomic design, fast response, and no delay, super cool experience.
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm