1. Deep clean: 10000 times/min High frequency rolling beat and 2300 rpm high-speed motor bring.
2. Easy to use: Comes with a good effect and is easy to use.
3. High temp:254nm U-V and 50℃ high-temperature hot air ensure high efficiency of removing pollution.
4. Large suction:10kpa large suction and 0.8kg lightweight body.
5. Easy to clean: The dust cup is removable and washable.

99% filtration and separation efficiency vacuum dust mite remover, far away from secondary pollution.

Size: 20*12cm
Charging cable length: 1m
Vacuum degree: greater than 10Kpa
Dust cup capacity: about 0.2L
Rated power supply: charging transformer
Noise level: less than 82dB
Battery capacity: 1860mAh
  - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm