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Get Travelling Bag Tool Box with Tools 187 Pcs from DealatCity Store

An integrated tool bag for home and work 187 pieces of high quality and tidy. It contains 4 shelves for tools inside a bag with an interlocking handle and wheels that make handling the entire set very easy. The set includes a variety of pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, wrenches, nails, clamps and pliers, and a wide range of additional tools. Suitable for house, workshop, car, and many more uses. - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm
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Product Specifications:
Integrated kit bag 187 pieces four shelves
Hand tools type: multi-tools
Brand: chrome vanadium
Tools made of premium quality materials that effectively resist abrasion and provide a long service life
An integrated kit bag that contains: common keys of different sizes / normal pliers, presses and cutters / automatic hand 1/2 and 1/4 with connections and grains of different sizes / special screwdrivers for electricians / negative and positive screwdrivers of various sizes and sizes / keychains / cable pliers / scalpel / hammer / scale / glue gun / meter 5 meters / box of nails and staples
2 years warranty

Bag Components:
1 pcs Diagonal plier 180mm
1 pcs Adjustable wrench 200mm
1 pcs Pump plier 230mm
1 pcs long nose plier 180mm
1 pcs slip joint plier 150mm
10 pcs combination wrench 8-19mm
6 pcs precision screwdriver: sl1.0,sl1.4,sl1.8,sl2.4,ph0,ph1
9 pcs hex key 1.5-10mm
24 pcs bits
1 pcs bit handle
1 pcs bit holder
14 pcs screwdriver
Insulated PH4*100mm,SL4*100mm,5.5*100mm
1 pcs test pen
1 pcs magnetic pick up
1 pcs ratchet wrench
14 pcs 1/4Dr 4-14mm
15 pcs 1/2Dr 8-30mm
2 pcs 1/2Dr plug socket 16&21mm
2 pcs 1/2&1/4 universal joint
2 pcs 1/2&1/4 sliding T bar
1 pcs 1/2 extension bar
2 pcs 1/2 extension bar
1 pcsflexible extension
1 pcs 1/4Dr spanner handle 150mm
2 pcs 1/2&1/4 ratchet handle
2 pcs Nylon clamp 90mm
60 pcs fasterner
1 pcs claw hammer
1 pcs lock plier
1 pcs crimping plier
1 pcs measure tape
1 pcs glun gun+glue stick
1 pc utility knife
1 pcs PVC tape
1 pcs Level
1 pcs key
1 pcs Aluminum case
MOQ 20 set

- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm

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Address Head office:
Shaha Complex, Salem Al Mubarak St, Salmiya, Kuwait
Delivery Available Yes
Charges included No
Booking Details For Reservation and inquiry call 99887694

- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm