Speaker shape handbag model K88 Bluetooth speaker Wirelessly with LED light, can plug in the mic.

Product description:
- Bluetooth speaker, 30 watts output power
- Continuous play 5-8 hours or depending on use.
- Speaker bag Stylish design designed for easy portability Bag shape, 5-inch loudspeaker, strong bass power Comes with a built-in charging system No need to plug in cables all the time.
- Support USB / TF / AUX and also acts as a receiver. Hands-free calling There is a microphone jack.
- Karaoke speaker with LED flashing lights in the front, creating a fun atmosphere for your party is not difficult.
- Wireless speaker Approximate size is 32.8cm x 15cm x 18cm. Easy to carry, lightweight, luxurious, can be both a speaker and a home decoration in it.
- The speaker has a popular handle on the outside, lined like a leather bag, pretty neat, easy to use, with an on/off button. The sound is the same as the volume up button. Long-distance Bluetooth connection Worth the use

- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm