Filter Shower Head - DealatCity Store
Filter Shower Head - DealatCity Store
Filter Shower Head - DealatCity Store
Filter Shower Head - DealatCity Store
Filter Shower Head - DealatCity Store
Filter Shower Head - DealatCity Store
Filter Shower Head - DealatCity Store

Get Filter Shower Head, Three Mode Anti Limestone Hand Shower, Water Saving Shower High Pressure Hand Shower for Bathroom from DealatCity Store

【High pressure and water saving】 The special Sooair shape of the water nozzles increases the pressure, the water pressure increases up to 50%. Laser perforated micro-nozzle technology saves up to 50% water. The water comes out much softer, very pleasant on the skin. Works with increasing water pressure. 【3 Spray Modes】 Sooair Shower Head has 3 spray modes: rain, massage and jet. You can easily switch between 3 modes by pressing the rocker button on the hand shower head. Each mode brings you a special shower experience. 【Anti Limestone Hand Shower】 Infrared mineral stone and negative ion mineral stones form a double filter system which contributes to the reduction of chlorine and the absorption of pollutants in the air, eliminates impurities in the water and bacteria cleanses and softens the shower water and softens the skin and hair and makes them smoother. 【Universal Connection】 The Sooair shower head universally fits most standard shower arms. Simply screw on, easy assembly without tools. It is from ABS material, looks high quality and well processed. The plate is made of high quality stainless steel which provides a long service life. ABS material in transparent design - Delivery on the next day of the order
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Product description
In the shower we are alone with ourselves, we rest, we can let our thoughts spin and finally turn off. It is not for nothing that we spend up to 67 hours a year in the shower; With Sooair we want this time to be even more beautiful!


--- High pressure and water saving

Fine water jets greatly increase the water pressure. This makes the shampoo easier to remove from the hair. At the same time, for the same pressure sensation, you have to close the tap less and your water consumption decreases.

--- With lime filter and ion filter

Thanks to the mineral pearl filters! Laboratory tested mineral stones have antibacterial effect, ion filtering, mineralization and neutral pH. They support you on your way to soft, smooth and healthy skin. Even with oily or dry scalp / hair, the gentle stream of water and pH-neutral mineral stones help the body regulate oil production and prevent greasy or brittle hair.

--- 3 cascade modes:


The gentle external jet keeps the whole body moist, the powerful internal jet cleanses p. Eg washing shampoo from hair.


A very powerful concentrated jet from the inner rings relaxes the muscles.


A gentle, wide stream of water from the outer rings, ideal for a gentle shower.


Scope of delivery:

1 * Filtration Shower Piece
2 * filter stone

- Delivery on the next day of the order

From 12:00 PM 
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Address Head office:
Shaha Complex, Salem Al Mubarak St, Salmiya, Kuwait
Delivery Available Yes
Charges included No
Booking Details For Reservation and inquiry call 99887694

- Delivery on the next day of the order