A very effective suction mosquito killer lamp to eliminate annoying insects. The purple light attracts them and the fan sucks them into the lower compartment, where they are trapped and die with the air from the internal fan. It works via a USB connection. So your USB cable (included) can be plugged into an outlet (with a USB adapter, not included), laptop, or power bank for outdoor use.

Operation: USB connection

Range: 20-50 m²

Primary Use: Interiors Secondary Use: Exterior

Product Description
Cylindrical smart mosquito catching lamp with USB port:

- Safe, extremely friendly, and convenient.

- Saving with a maximum power consumption of 5W.

- There is no unpleasant smell of dead mosquitoes like those using high voltage electricity or mosquito rackets.

– No chemicals – Gaseous air.

- Effectively catch mosquitoes and kill insects without causing unpleasant odors.

- Simple to install, easy to use.
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm