① Function Of Key

1. Touch the switch to make the light flash, that is to turm on, and then touch the switch to turn off

②Installation Steps

Connect the solar panel connector line first, install the solar panel and fix the position of outdoor sun exposure, hang the lamp shell at will and place the lighting position

③Matters Needing Attention:

1. the solar light is light control, automatically turn off and charging at daytime, if you want it work at daytime, you need to use something to cover the solar panel

2. please let it under sunshine to charge it for several hours when you use it at the first time

3. Charge every other month when the product is not in use for a long time

4. the efficiency of the solar panel depends on the weather, the strong sunshine it has, the better efficiency it will be, the efficiency of the solar panel will be weakened on cloudy day, the longer sunshine it has, the working time will be longer

Type: Solar Light Single/Double Head Chandelier
Solar Pane: 1.5W 5.5V
Working Mode: Normally On
Led: 30pcs SMD 2835
Lampshade Material: PC
Led Light Color: White
Shell Material: PC+ABS
Output Rate: 1.8W
Waterproof: IP65
Lumens: 400lm

 - Delivery on the next day of the order