Maximum power of a single charging port: 65W
Maximum power of the entire charger:75W
Support for: Laptop, Smartphone, Earphone, Various appliances

Power output when each port is used at the same time:
① USB-C1&C2:
DC5V⎓3A/9V⎓3A/12V⎓3A/15V⎓3A/20V⎓3.25A,65W max
② USB-A1&A2:
DC5V⎓3A/9V⎓2A/12V⎓1.5A,18W max
③ USB-A3&A4:
④ USB-C1/C2+USB-A3/A4 Output:
65W+10W(75W MAX)
⑤ USB-C1+USB C2+USB-A3/A4 Output:
45W+18W+10W(73W MAX)
⑥ USB-C1/C2+USB A1/A2+USB-A3/A4 Output:
45W+18W+10W(73W MAX)
⑦ USB-C1/C2+USB A1/A2+USB-A3/A4 Output:
45W+15W+10W(70W MAX)
⑧ USB-C1+USB C2+USB-A1/A2+USB-A3/A4 Output:
30W+18W+18W+10W (76W MAX)
⑨USB-C1+USB C2+USB-A1/A2+USB-A3/A4 Output:
30W+18W+15W+10W (73W MAX)

 - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm