Wide & High-Efficiency Atomization: Electric turbocharging ensures a more uniform and delicate oil mist than the manual oil sprayer. You can also adjust the nozzle to control the spray range.

Two Spray Modes: Stream/mist modes for your choice. Mist mode: Press the ON/OFF switch on the electric oil sprayer; Stream Mode: Press the ON/OFF switch and hold the switch button below the ON/OFF switch. Release the switch button will turn to mist mode.

Safe & Healthy: The automatic oil spray bottle tank is made of BPA free food grade plastic..The clear bottle makes you know clearly how much oil is left.The upgrade nozzle is designed to prevent dust pollution and oil clogging.

Multipurpose Automatic Sprayer: Fill this mister with all kinds of liquid seasonings,olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice, sherry or Marsala wine. And widely used for salad making, Cooking,Baking, Roasting, Grilling, Frying, BBQ and so on.It can also be used to spray alcohol and water to clean the kitchen and furniture, and it can also be used to water plants.

Healthy Oil Control Diet: Health starts with a low-fat life. If you need a kitchen tool to help you control the oil, to keep fit, try the SSAWcasa electric oil dispenser, mist oil instead of pouring, less calorie. It will not only reduce calories and make you body healthier, but also can save oil.

 - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm