Electronic incense burner with built-in fan

Aromatic incense burner also known as incense/oud incense burner

This incense burner is traditionally used to burn incense or wood chips. Made of hard and fully reinforced plastic with a rigid inner plate, which is ideal for incense heating. As this stove is made of high quality metal, it is rust-proof and durable as well. Experience the magic of mesmerizing aromas with this incense burner and ditch the old methods of heating hot coals on the stove.


Heating the incense at the same temperature as the coal, which reaches (400-450 degrees Celsius).
With the safety feature, it automatically extinguishes after the incense burns.
Equipped with fans for raising incense and cooling.
Suitable for all kinds of incense.
The smoke of incense maintains the original high-quality aroma.
It makes smoking faster and easier to use than traditional methods.
Micro USB port is used for charging.

 - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm