[Effective sun protection] The use of high-quality composite titanium silver cloth, good heat insulation, high refractive index, significantly reduce the apparent temperature, avoid direct sunlight, effectively reduce the temperature inside the car and prevent damage and aging of the car interior.

[Durable] Our umbrella windshield sunshade is coated with composite polyester titanium silver glue, which is very important for solar heat. 705 stable steel rods determine the long service life of the sunshade.

[Easy to use] The large windshield sunshade for the car is easy to use, and the installation can be completed in a few seconds without tools.
Size 130 cm X 80 cm

1. The material of the sun visor is soft and wear-resistant, and will not scratch the windshield
2. The titanium-silver glue coating can reflect sunlight and block ultraviolet rays to maintain the internal temperature.
3. The windshield sun visor of the umbrella has ten steel ribs, which can provide good support and prevent falling. The frosted handle can bring you good touch.
4. Can deal with different situations, such as parking, avoid the sun and rain
5. Folding structure, easy to store and transport.
  - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm