Contains a high-density and high-resilient sponge, the workmanship is flat, the details are rigorously upgraded, and more filling is added, which is full and comfortable

The 42 adjustable positions can easily adjust to allow you to lie down on the chair and take a nap and watch a movie in the lounge, mother breastfeeding, and rest.

Body feel: high-quality fabrics, stitching meticulously and skillfully, can provide a comfortable feeling on any floor. This is carefully designed by us, The ergonomic design has excellent elasticity, perfectly fits the body, and provides you with a comfortable seat.

Adjustable backrest: 0°to 180°, easy to find one angle you comfort, preventing backache and cervical pain. Arch back design and Round shape's humanization design make you feel more comfortable.

52CM*51CM*48CM (Three-body 42-speed adjustment), can be used for reading, video games, meditation, entertainment

 - Delivery on the next day of the order