[Transforms into 10 Different Shapes] Our moldable cushion is made up of five connected modules that can be folded and adjusted into any shape. It provides all-day support for any sitting or reclining positions. Just Right Cushion maintains its shape without snapping back and remains firm while molding to any body shape or position. Our cushion provides adjustability, unlike any other cushion or pillow, enabling personalized body support and instant relief from sitting & reclining positions.

[Instant Back and Neck Relief] The orthopedic design replaces the assortment of cushions needed to support your back and neck. The Just Right Cushion is the sole pillow that helps alleviate common forms of back and neck pain from sitting or reclining. It can be folded into 10 shapes to provide the perfect neck or lumbar support, no matter how or what you are sitting on. The extra support reduces the amount of muscle tension on your back and neck, ultimately promoting perfect posture.

[Promotes Great Posture] Our cushion can be folded many ways to support the unique curvature of your back, helping achieve better spinal alignment and promoting a healthy posture. Chiropractic specialists constantly mention healthy “lumbar” support, especially recommended for post-surgery recovery and people who suffer from Scoliosis symptoms, Lumbosacral lower back pain, Spondylosis, etc. Our cushion fits perfectly on any chair or sofa to give you the necessary healthy support anywhere.

[Complete Versatility for Multiple Uses] Use it to sleep on your back, side, lying on the couch, or sitting up in bed. Use it at work while sitting in that office chair all day long. Bring it in your car for those long drives. It’s even great to bring when traveling given its convenient size and ability to fold up. It fits perfectly on any office chair, computer chair, armchair, sofa, , bench, car seat, SUV, truck, wheelchair, recliner seat, etc.
- Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm