- LED Battery display, easily understand the remaining battery capacity and control the workload.
- Powerful motor, copper core motor, greater power, longer service life.
- Quick-mounting, convenient and quick to install and unload accessories and host.
- The protective cover prevents debris from being sucked into the fan.
- Non-slip rubberized handle, stable and comfortable grip, no sore hands when operating for a long time.
- Infinitely variable speed control, wind speed can be adjusted by pressing force, power can be output on demand, electric energy distribution is more reasonable.
- Cooling holes in the motor nacelle to reduce the motor temperature and protect the motor.
- Vortex type supercharged impeller, increase wind pressure, double cyclone wind group, the wind is more powerful.
- Blowing suction dual-purpose, large battery durability, household dust removal/cleaning, industrial dust removal, one machine.

-Cleaning agricultural machinery, woodworking machines, dust collection in working areas, blowing off water droplets after cleaning, and drying.
- Clean out the dust from the motherboards, computer case, and power supply. Easily clean dust/hair waste from bedding, corners, bed bottoms, carpets, furniture, etc.

- Color: Blue
- Input: 110V/220V~0.5A
- Battery quantity(Option): 1pc, 2pcs
- Plug(Option): US Plug, EU Plug
- For Makita 18V Li-ion battery
- Power: 1200W
- Battery capacity: 15000mAh
- Air Volume: 10 (cubic/min)
- Wind Pressure (Water Column): 100 (kpa)
- Rotating speed: 0-18000 (rpm)
- Size: 50x7.5x21.5cm
  - Delivery is on the same day if ordered before 6:30 pm