Features :
1.【CREATIVE DESIGN】 Camera has a metal hose to adjust shooting angle easily. Also, it is simple to plug camera into power bank or power outlet via USB interface. It is perfectly matched for indoor and outdoor use.

2.【INTELLIGENT NIGHT VISION】Built-in two pieces of 940 nm Invisible Infrared LEDs, Camera automatically turns on/off the night vision shooting mode according to changes in the brightness of environment. It is perfectly matched for 24/7 monitoring.

3.【SMARTER SURVEILLANCE】equipped with motion detection function. You can set specific monitoring area, date or time.If there is any moving object within detecting area, alarm will be triggered and alarm message will be sent to your phone immeditately.

4.【LARGER CAPACITY】supports up to 128G MicroSD card (C10) and can store up to 30 days of video. In addition, <cloud storage>would be helpful to avoid loss of any files caused by memory card damage.Video will be automatically uploadded and stored in cloud safely.

5.【24/7 REMOTE MONITORING】 APP is supported on iOS, android smartphones and Window PC. You just need to connect to wifi, then remote monitoring will be seen on various devices.

 - Delivery on the next day of the order