Smooth neck design prevents chafing when wearing our water shoes. It is convenient to wear and take off. Breathable and smooth fabrics with fine stretch on uppers. Like socks, flexible and comfortable. Wearable and top-quality rubber sole, which protects your feet from being hurt by sharp objects. Suits for Yoga Training, swimming, sailing, cycling, fishing, beach volleyball and driving, etc.

You suffer every time your little one is in the pool because you think that at any moment they can slip, or on the beach with the hot sand and small crystals, NO more!

Your best option is excellent alternative swimming shoes, confidence with which you can do activities on the beach, pool, rivers, surfing, and swimming.

Made with spandex material, they are the perfect match for any swimsuit, their design is like a sock, which makes it easy for your little one to take it on or off, it is extremely lightweight and quick-drying, comfortable, and breathable. at all times.

Being designed from an elastic material, it will adapt to the child's foot, they are ergonomic, non-slip sole and totally flexible.

We have several models available, for boys and girls, we also have swimsuits with the same design as their neoprene shoes.
- Delivery on the next day of the order