PORTABLE AND ENERGY SAVING: This small air conditioner is lightweight and portable to anywhere and is perfect for small spaces such as office, reading corner, dorm, home, workspace, basement and more! Our atomized air cooler uses less energy to reduce your electricity bill, and is perfectly suited for low carbon lifestyles

Air conditioner: This personal air conditioner can add clean water for an air-cooling fan, humidifier, and humidifier function, it is a good choice for home office

EASY TO USE: This personal air cooler is easy to use. Just add water, plug in your device and turn it on. This item is not suitable for the whole family as it is for personal use, so it is recommended to use in small rooms

3 Wind Speeds: This mobile air conditioner has 3 levels of wind speed (high, medium, low), and can be adjusted to 60 degrees. You can choose the best one to enjoy your leisure time, sleep or work time
- Delivery on the next day of the order