Brand new and very useful for your cooking functions, and comes with sharp blades

Small and convenient: easy to use and operate a large area of micro-touch switch, just a button that lets you enjoy the fun of cooking

It has a powerful driving force, at the same time, emphasize safety, safety switches, and a variety of security configuration of industrial design, let you use it more reliable

Stainless steel double blade environmental PVC non-slip mats
Overheat protection system, 30 seconds overheat protection, high safety factor.

Using a sharp knife makes it easier for us to manage food/meat more delicately

Product Name: Electric Meat Grinder Multipurpose Meat Grinder
Voltage : 220V ~ 50HZ
Watts: 250 W
Jumbo Size
Material quality: Food grade plastic
Capacity: 1.8 Liter
Blade quality: 4-grade stainless steel
Product size : 182 mm x 182 mm x 260 mm
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