Durable Stainless Steel Heating Element
This grill does almost anything you need. It has a non-stick cooking pan that comes with the package in which it eases your cooking at any time. Non-stick plate, indicator lights

Ideal and perfect electric barbecue grill for your needs of tandoor and bbq during a picnic, camping, or leisure time at home.

Apartment-approved - your landlord will love this grill just as much as you do because the fully electric system gives you grilling with no charcoal, no propane, and no flare-up

Indoor grill that gives outdoor grill results. Adjustable temperature control - the temperature probe lets you choose from five heat settings to get the best results on any kind of food

Light and portable

Clean and smokeless grilling

Durable stainless steel heating element

Non-stick pans with heat-resistant grips??

Weight 1.4kg

Colour black

Dimensions 45cm (L) 15cm (W) x 8cm (H)

- Removable stainless steel small pan (2 units) 17.5cm (L) x 13 cm (W)

- Barbecue rack 44.5cm (L) x 12cm (W)

- Small grill plate (4 units) 18.5cm (L) x 8.5cm (W)

- Delivery on the next day of the order