1. Compressor fast cooling, DIY taste.

2. Aluminum alloy detachable liner for food-grade contact, safe and easy to clean.

3. Large capacity of 1000ml, it is estimated that 500g of ice cream can be made in a single time.

4. Three gears freely adjustable.

5. The single cooling mode can be cooled for 30 minutes, which is convenient to enjoy slowly.

6. The transparent window can directly observe the mixing of ingredients.

7. Equipped with a digging spoon to protect the inner tank.

8. Low noise.

Product specifications:
1- Product Name: Ice Cream Machine
2- voltage: 220V
3- power: 100W
4- volume: 1L
5- speed: 40 rpm
6- Weight: 7.2kg
7- Size: 355x260x226mm
- Delivery on the next day of the order