Freeze-proof Liquid. Its non-toxic & tasteless filling liquid is 100% harmless to human body, and won't freeze even when put in a freezer.

Nano Borosilicate Glass. Made from thickened high-hardness glass, it can withstand ultra-low temperature without breaking.

Integral Moulding Technology. Possessing a smooth surface with no burr, it perfectly fits human face contour and will do it no hurt.

Non-slip Handle. Wit its help, you can hold the product firmly, and no longer have to worry about any damages caused by hand slipping.

And it can be used to perform 3 major beauty treatments:
Massage. It promotes blood circulation & metabolism to reawaken fiber & collagen, and accelerate the discharge of waste. Can lift skin, brighten skin tone, get rid of edema, make face thin, remove dark circles, etc.

Cold Compress. It calms the skin to slow down its blood flow, shrink capillaries & muscles, and inhibit oil secretion, thus achieving an astringent effect. Can relieve sunburn & redness, avoid excess oil, shrink coarse pores, refresh your mind, stop bleeding & pain, etc.

Acupressure. When being held upside down and used as a acupressure tool, it can irritate the acupoints on whole body to help achieve a variety of curative effects.

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